Questions We're Asked

Where do I schedule a Meet & Greet (pet consultation)?

Meet & Greet sign ups are on the welcome page, scroll down and you should see this form. We have forms you must fill out (they go in your pet(s) file). Fill out this form and on the date/time of the meet & greet bring your pet(s) shot records, shot exemptions letter signed by your main vet and your pet(s) and something for your pet(s) to stay overnight (free of charge), with pick up at 12pm the next day.

Where do I send my pet(s) shot records/exemption letters?

You can email them to us at and you can bring them with you anytime you drop off your pet(s) during any booked pet service.

Why isn't your location displayed?

We are not a brick and mortar business we provide pet service in our home. Displaying our location has proved to be unsafe for us, and the pets we provide pet service for which come first. It weeds out people that dump (abandon) their animals at our door steps just because we provide a service for animals and it seperates those parents that are seriously needing pet services as oppose to those that aren't. It also keeps professional business organized.

What is my expectation of your pet service?

NEW PARENTS always make sure you read our policies before deciding to book Pet service with us. We expect and maintain very high trust energy, not just for parents trusting us but us trusting parents as well. Its imperative and only fair to your pet(s). We grow attached to each pet that we care for as they definitely are attached to us. We want our union with you to continue to be strong. In order for it be strong we simply ask for high transperancy. Do not worry if sharing too much about your pet(s) is going to be deal breaker or we won't book with you. Share and share a lot we the professionals MUST be honest with you if we can provide what you are looking for or not. We aren't money hungry either so we won't provide service for any pet(s) if it goes against our policies, ethics,if the level of respect isn't there, morals and if the pet(s) (present or past) medical/physical health not limited too psychological health as well (depending on what it is). Our space is very equipped for most situations, but overall its equipped for lots of fun dog stuff and safety. Our dogs take their space VERY seriously and look forward to being with us how ever long that is. We handle many situations with pets: seperation aniexty, anxiousness, high energy, chewers, etc with the assitance of their parents. We will not except any high risk animals which endangers the staff and other animals that come for a good time.

What is the Pet Service Booking Process?

Very simple process: New Parents 1.Read New Client policies 2. Fill out this form to schedule a Meet & Greet 3. During the meet & greet bring your shot records, shot excempt letters, pet(s). We have forms you must fill out/sign they go in your pet(s) file. Bring your pet(s) overnight items they will be staying with us overnight to finalize the booking process. Pick up is 12pm the next day no exceptions! That's it! I told you its simple. Any questions don't hesitate to call us or text us 786-471-2690 email us

How will I keep up with my pet(s) daily activity and wellbeing?

We know how important it is for you to know your pet(s) are safe, happy and well. Download: We prefer to use this app because we can send all size videos, pictures and files FREE. We also have a Whatsapp parent group so you are updated on whats going on within our business. You will recieve information as it pertains to your pet(s), food recalls, any info that could educate, and inform, so you do not want to miss out.

Does my political/religious views interfere with booking with your company?

Politics/religion of ANY KIND has no place in what we provide for your pet(s). We will NOT discuss politics nor religion, we DO NOT need to know your political/religious views. We DO NOT enforce any religious, political views unto others. We provide care for your pet(s) ONLY! Your pet(s) are our main discussion, main importance, main attraction and main everything for us. If Your religion/political views prevents us for providing a professional Pet Service for you then we are the wrong Pet Service provider for you. No exceptions! We reserve the right to turn down any pet services to any parent that becomes problematic and goes against our policies, morals, and ethics. We provide pet services to animals thats it! its that simple! *Disclaimer* We will call authorities and/or take action if we should see abuse of any kind, the lives of not limited too: My family, Children,Elders, and Animals in danger. It will not be tolerated and has nothing about to do with politics of any kind. Abuse is Abuse.

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